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            Jiangnan Manufacturing Bureau Translation was established in 1868 which is the Qing dynasty government-run translation and publishing institution. It is the government-run foreign  books-translating  institution  in modern China. According to some  statistics, it has employed 59 scholars at home and abroad to translate books, including 9 foreign scholars  and  50  Chinese  scholars.  It  has translated  more  than  160 kinds of books, including strategic, technics, military system, medicine, mining, agriculture, chemistry, negotiation, moths, graphics,  history,  ship  building,  project,  electricity,  politics,  business,  physics, geosciences, astronomy,  education,  acoustics,  and  optics  and  so  on. It  is  a  great  significant  translation institution  in  modern  China,  which translated lots of  books. It  introduced lots of advanced applied  technique and new fruits of natural science for China, which promoted the development of  modern technology and influenced the thinking at that time. It was closed down on 1905.Can we let so excellent fruit and so advanced fruits go?
            One  hundred  years has past, we establish the Soochow Jiangnan Translation Co., Ltd with our learning attitude and great translation enthusiastic, the other name of it is Jiangnan Translation.  It  is  a  government-ratified  professional  translation  company,  and  has  translation  centers in Soochow,  Kunshan,  Wuxi,  Nantong,  Zhenjiang  and  other  cities  in  Jiangsu Province. All the members of Jiangnan Translation understand  that "translation is the  base of manufacture". With credible translation  quality,  reasonable  price,  quick,  confidential and honest service tenet, we will  bring  high  efficiency  to  all  the  companies,  make the communication at home and abroad  more convenient, and service to the economic development.
             Our forebear in the translation world have paved the way for us in the field of Chinese modern science. Do our best to do it!

            Concerning industry
            Medicine translation, communication translation, motorcar translation, petrifaction translation, electron translation, financial translation, laws translation, machinery translation, metallurgy translation, architecture translation, energy source translation, environmental protection translation, transportation translation, foodstuff translation, aviation translation, agricultural translation, literature translation, project translation, computer translation

            Concerning language
            English translation, Japanese translation, Korean translation, Dutch translation, Polish   translation, Danish translation, Norwegian translation, French translation, Russian   translation, Germany translation, Swedish translation, Finnish translation, Vietnamese translation, Italian translation, Arabic translation, Portuguese translation, Spanish translation

            Other concerning aspects
            Written translation
            Technique document, large project bidding, description of products, list manual, installation manual, directions for use, tender document, trade standard, technical standard, sales manual, marketing investigation and research, articles of association, contract agreement, audit report, brief introduction of companies, product summary commercial correspondence, marketing plan, layout project, scientific research report, financial analysis, screen and video dialogue, information  industry, laws and regulations, notice, literature  and  play personal resume, application for entry school, bidding,  document of academic credentials, international certificate, application software, games  software, study software, evidentiary material, desktop publishing, visa application current letters, website literature, invitation letter, letter of authorization, notarization letter, memo, school report card, business prospectus, industrial management stipulation, administrative provisions of company
            Equipment installation, audio and video translation, business negotiation, press conference, simultaneous interpretation, conference and training


            上??偛縃ead office
            JNT (Shanghai) Translation Co., Ltd.

            Rm.610, No.81, Fute North Rd., China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone
            電話Tel:+86 21 58306217
            傳真Tax:+86 21 58306137

            南通公司Nantong office營銷中心Marketing
            JNT (Nantong) Translation Co., Ltd.
            Rm.407, Jiacheng Mansion, No.28, Beizhujiayuan Road, Chongchuan District, Nantong City
            電話Tel:+86 513 81191168
            傳真Tax:+86 513 81191158

            南通公司Nantong office生產基地Production Center
            JNT (Nantong) Translation Co., Ltd.
            Rm.206, Unit 3, Building 51, Junshan Garden, No.8 Tongfu S Road, Nantong City

            蘇州公司Suzhou office
            JNT (Suzhou) Translation Co., Ltd.
            Rm.203/213, Hengfeng Mansion, No.265, Fenghuang St., Gusu District, Suzhou City
            電話Tel:+86 512 68635898
            傳真Tax:+86 512 62766640

            無錫公司Wuxi office
            JNT (Wuxi) Translation Co., Ltd.
            Rm.618, Machinery Mansion, No.151, Fuxing Road, Liangxi District, Wuxi City
            電話Tel:+86 510 82403444
            傳真Tax:+86 510 68903270